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About Friendship

The Übersee-Museum was founded thanks to the commitment of citizens. Just like Bremen citizens and business people have laid the foundation for the collections of the present-day Übersee-Museum in the 19th century, the Friends of the Übersee-Museum e.V. offers interested persons opportunities of becoming involved in the museum and its projects.

The members of the Friends of the Übersee-Museum have been supporting the museum since 1985, with the purpose of contributing to the inventory and further development of the museum, as well as enhancing its attractiveness. Among others, the membership contributions support the museum in implementing individual undertakings, exhibitions or the restoration of objects. New members – individual persons, families, companies or institutions – are always more than welcome.


Sabine Eichler
Tel. +49 421 160 38-108
Fax + 49 421 160 38-99

Freundeskreis des Übersee-Museums e.V.

Bahnhofsplatz 13
28195 Bremen

Member in the Friends of the Übersee-Museum

Members of the Friends of the Übersee-Museum can regularly look forward to a number of different benefits. These include, among others, free admission to the museum's exhibitions or events as well as personal invitations to exhibition openings. The newsletter of the Friends, sent out twice a year, offers the members interesting background information on the museum. Topical information on the exhibitions as well as the museum programme are also provided free of charge. An overview of the annual charges:

  • Individual persons €40
  • Pupils, Students €20
  • Families €50
  • UCompanies €80 (max. 2 persons)

Sponsors in the Friends of the Übersee-Museum

Those who would like to become more involved in the Übersee-Museum, above and beyond being a member of the Friends of the Übersee-Museum, can also become sponsors in the Friends of the Übersee-Museum. What is more, they are also given the possibility of participating in free guided tours of the museum's special exhibitions or they can gain a more in-depth insight into the museum, with an exclusive "Glimpse behind the Scenes". And sponsors who book a private guided tour will receive a 20 per cent discount.

  • Individual persons €100
  • Families €140
  • Companies €500 (max. 2 persons)

Benefactors in the Friends of the Übersee-Museum

An invitation for two persons allows benefactors in the Friends of the Übersee-Museum to come together in small groups once a year and hold conversations with the museum management and other special guests. Above and beyond this personal exchange, and should it be desired, the names of the benefactors are mentioned in the museum's foyer area as well as on the website - and they additionally receive a discount of 30 per cent when booking private guided tours.

  • Individual person €500 (incl. Family)
  • Companies €2,000 (with accompaniment)