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The Übersee-Museum has a reference library that has the objective of supporting the scientific work within the museum - but it is also available to the public. Its inventory is aligned to serve the needs of the research and exhibition profile of the specialist departments in the museum, and thus it is updated correspondingly and continually expanded. Printed or electronic media, approximately 60,000 monographs and periodical volumes from ethnology, the natural sciences, commerce and the history of colonies can be found here. With 449 national and international partner institutions, the library is presently fostering the exchange of scientific writings.

The library's roots date back to the "Physikalische Gesellschaft", which was founded in 1776, as well as the "Gesellschaft Museum" which has been known as "Städtische Sammlungen für Naturgeschichte und Ethnografie" since 1876. Together, they represent two progenitors of the present-day Übersee-Museum. In part, due to these coherences, the library today still harbours a number of "treasures" from the 18th and 19th century, from a number of different scientific areas. Among these, for instance, are the travel descriptions by James Cook, published in 1785 or the "Beschreibung einiger minderbekannter Seethiere und ihrer Eigenschaften" (Description of Some Less Well-known Sea Animals and their Characteristics", written by Johann Babtist Bohadsch in 1776 - in addition to others.

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