125 years of Übersee-Museum

Past meets present

On January 15, 1896, the Übersee-Museum, then called the “Städtisches Museum für Natur-, Völker- und Handelskunde,” opened its doors for the first time. The founding director was the zoologist Prof. Dr. Hugo Schauinsland. Following the guiding principle of “the whole world under one roof,” he planned, among other things, to present exhibitions that would appeal to scientists and interested laypeople alike. During a ceremonial opening speech, he presented his ideas for the building at Bremen’s Bahnhofsplatz. Today – 125 years later – actor Peter Lüchinger of the bremer shakespeare company slips into the role of Hugo Schauinsland and meets Prof. Dr. Wiebke Ahrndt, the current director, on a walk through the museum’s exhibitions. He asks, “What ideas have actually survived ?”

Watch the improvised interview with Peter Lüchinger in the role of the founding director Hugo Schauinsland and the current museum director Prof. Dr. Wiebke Ahrndt here.

You have requests…

…concerning the Übersee-Museum? Then let the museum team know about it! Answer the question “What would you like to see the museum do in the next 25 years?” and email your answer to zeitkapsel@uebersee-museum.de. All submissions will be looked through and placed in a time capsule at the end of the current anniversary year. This will be sealed and stored in the museum, to be reopened on January 15, 2046, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the house. Certainly an exciting moment – and an occasion for future museum makers to reflect: What did people want 25 years ago? What remained a wish – what became reality? By the way: As soon as the museum is open again, requests can also be made in person on site.

Program for the anniversary year

Throughout the year, the Übersee-Museum will offer various museum talks on its 125-year history as well as on the museum’s plans for the future. The events are published here: Calendar

Congratulations from the mayor

Senator for Culture Mayor Andreas Bovenschulte sincerely congratulates the Übersee-Museum on its 125th anniversary. See the greeting message from Bremen City Hall here: