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Fascination. Distant Places.

Distant continents have always fascinated both travellers and those who stay at home. 100 years ago, the Übersee-Museum Bremen already presented "The World under one Umbrella", and to this very day it has set standards with its modern-day presentation style. In the Übersee-Museum, the combination of collections focussed on ethnology, trade and natural history is connected to a harmonious experience, which is unique in Europe. Here visitors can immerse themselves in distant continents and discover the fascinating cultures and natural environments with unique exhibits from across the world, masterful animal dioramas and real plants. Time and again, different stations invite visitors to try something out for themselves - a museum experience for big and small, and for all senses! In the winter half year, large special exhibitions take a more detailed look into the museum's themes. Our comprehensive supporting programme provides meeting points and in-depth information for the different interests of our visitors. We are looking forward to welcoming you!