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Venue Hires

The Übersee-Museum combines impressive architecture and exhibitions, thus creating an atmosphere that offers versatile and exceptional scope for events, presentations or festivities. DIORAMA – The 360° Location, the foyer or Oceania, in the first atrium of the museum, provides the perfect backdrop for your event. The Übersee-Museum team would also be happy to elaborate a supporting and interval programme in the museum and informs about catering opportunities.

State-of-the-art conference technology and variable interior decoration regarding the tables and chairs are available. We would be happy to advise you.

Consultation and Booking

Svenja Biet
Übersee-Museum Bremen
Bahnhofsplatz 13
28195 Bremen
Tel. +49 421 160 38-150
Fax +49 421 160 38-99

DIORAMA - The 360° Location

In this unique 360° panorama you will find space for hosting a corporate event for 2 to 70 persons, who can immerse themselves in spectacular overseas landscapes. Banquets, seminars, conferences, speeches or dinners – the sky is the limit. State-of-the-art conference technology, which includes internet access, is at your disposal. We would be happy to advise you regarding your catering needs.

Oceania – 1st Atrium

With parliamentary seating, the island world of Oceania offers space for up to 220 persons, and for 700 persons without seating. This venue is ideally suited for lectures, but also for theatre productions or concerts. The use of projectors and overhead projectors is only possible at the beginning of nightfall. Out of consideration for the exhibits and the museum’s exhibitions, the neighbouring foyer is placed at your disposal for catering.

The Foyer

When entering the foyer, guests will immediately see one of the museums's oldest exhibits. The skeleton of a mink whale, dating back to the 17th century is waiting to welcome the guests. In parliamentary seating, this room is ideally suited for up to 150 persons, and without seating, there is space for up to 350 persons. Banquet meals can be organised for up to 100 persons. The foyer is ideal for welcoming guests, for small snacks or receptions and the like.

Supporting Programme in the Übersee-Museum

The Übersee-Museum is a truly unique location for events: approximately 1.2 million exhibits, roughly 9,000m² of exhibition surface, as well as Europe’s first exhibit depot are waiting to be discovered. A number of different formats, such as guided tours, workshops and plenty more set the tone for a special supporting programme. Thus participants or guests are afforded the opportunity of gaining an insight into the daily life of foreign cultures or the fauna and flora in distant countries.

Service and Technology

To ensure that your events run smoothly, a technical member of staff will support you. Cloakrooms and lockers are available. In addition, a cloakroom service can also be offered. Apart from a number of different possibilities regarding the tables and chairs used, the museum can also provide a stage, screen and projector, as well as a loudspeaker and microphone system, should this be desired.