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Kindergarten & Schools


In particularly, children from the age of four can gain an in-depth insight into the rich variety of our animal kingdom and the everyday life of people from other cultures. In this regard, the different offers of the Übersee-Museum also address all senses. Not only is looking and listening called for, but also individual testing and active involvement in the different activities, as well as physical activity.


Our knowledge transfer team has a number of museum educational offers available for pupils in all age groups and for all school forms. This turns the museum into a truly adventurous learning location. Here pupils can discover and research new fields of knowledge, which have been aligned to appeal to the different age groups, and they can also immediately implement new insights in practice. Important for teachers: The events offered by the museum can be linked to different curricular contents.

Educational Projects

Together with the different cooperation partners from Bremen, the Übersee-Museum offers school classes and youth groups the possibility of working together with the different museum exhibitions over a longer period of time. In this regard, project weeks, educational holidays, leisure activities and the like would be possible.

Information & Booking

Would you like to register yourself, a playschool group or a school class for a specific event? Do you have questions regarding the knowledge transfer offers of the Übersee-Museum? Then please feel free to contact the museum’s education team.