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Events for Kindergarten

See the world: For children from the age of 4, the exhibitions of the Übersee-Museum reveal an impressive world of biodiversity when taking a closer look at the animal kingdom of our planet – presented in full size and close to nature, right in the middle of their natural habitats. Visitors discover rare and unknown objects or habits in the everyday life of people with different cultures, and they can compare these to their own living environments and discover the differences for themselves.

In the process, the different educational offers of the museum address all senses. Children can make observations, deploy their language and listen. They can play instruments or try out rhythmic movement. As the name already suggests, the so-called “hands-on” objects invite participants to use their sense of touch. By the way: Pre-school teachers, apprentices and students for the preschool education can also book the offers for further educational measures, which are briefly presented in the following.

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