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Permanent Exhibitions


With the opening in November 2016, the new America exhibition concludes the start of its redesign for the time-being. In various themed islands a closer look is concurrently taken at North and Latin America, and their respective differences, similarities and ties are illustrated.


This is a name that gives rise to numerous associations. But what is really behind all this? This exhibition of the Übersee-Museum highlights a multifarious continent that reveals new cognitions, and also, occasionally, astounding insights. Valuable originals from the museum's collection, different forms of media, impressive dioramas and models offer diverse approaches to discover both present-day and historical Africa.

Oceania - Living Environments in the South Pacific

Pacific Ocean as far as the eye can see, in addition to countless islands and the Australian land mass – all of this is Oceania, also referred to as the South Pacific. With an exhibition that has been designed in the form of a fictitious map, the Übersee-Museum invites its visitors to embark on a scouting expedition on this continent.

Asia - Continent of Contrasts

Asia has many different faces that are characterised by tradition on the one hand and modern-day developments on the other. The exhibition of the Übersee-Museum unfolds a world with six exciting perspectives which invite visitors to explore this contrast for themselves – be it the Silk Road or a mega city, traditional theatre or the glittering world of Bollywood.

What makes the world go round

In these times of globalisation, themes such as climate change, communication, sex & gender, time, human rights, migration or global economy can no longer be limited to individual continents. In “What makes the world go round”, a great number of interactive stations invite visitors to question their own role within the global game.

Übermaxx – The Exhibit Depot

The exhibit depot harbours a large share of the museum’s 1.2 million collection exhibits. On display across different storeys, visitors will be able to find everything from everyday objects right up to very strange exhibits –these include a fish-skin anorak and the flightless Kakapo parrot to the silverware of the North-German Lloyd or Linné's two-toed sloth.