In “Kabinett Übersee”

Coral Reefs
Diverse. Vulnerable. Lost?
21.05. 2021 – 10.07. 2022

Special exhibition at Kabinett Übersee and at the Oceania-exhibition 21 May 2021 until 10 July 2022

Colourful, lively, rich in species – that is our image of coral reefs. They are among the most important ecosystems on earth. They are nurseries for around 25 per cent of all marine life. Sie sichern die wirtschaftliche Existenz von etwa 500 Millionen Menschen. They protect tropical coasts from the power of the waves and are a source of new active substances for medicine. But the coral reef habitat and its inhabitants are in danger. Progressive climate change, increasing pollution of our oceans, mass tourism or fishing with chemicals and dynamite threaten these indispensable centres of biodiversity and conservation.
The exhibition introduced the importance of coral reefs, educated about global and local threats to marine ecosystems and provided insight into different approaches and solutions to save them.

„Coral Reefs – Diverse. Vulnerable. Lost?” took place due to the 14th and 15th International Coral Reef Symposium, ICRS 2021/2022 and was developed together with the Deutsches Meeresmuseum and the University of Bremen.

Zum International Reef Symposium

Fancy a virtual dive?

Together with kubikfoto we have developed an interactive reef that you can explore online. Detailed images of the underwater world in the Red Sea invite you to go on a discovery tour. Learn more about the endangered coral reef habitat.

To the interactive reef

Coral Garden – the Upcycling-Reef!

Accompanying the exhibition, a large upcycling reef is growing up in the Übersee-Museum until 16 October 2021. Join us, become a coral gardener yourself and crochet, braid, knit, twist or knot your own creation. Inspiration, instructions and the “rules of the game” for the project can be found on this page:

A coral reef with diverse fish
A detail of the coral reef diorama at the oceania-exhibition | CC BY-SA 4.0 Übersee-Museum Bremen, photo: Volker Beinhorn
To the project “Coral Garden”
A close-up of a coral polyp model. In the background a visitor is looking at the model.

A highly magnified coral polyp | CC BY-SA 4.0 Übersee-Museum Bremen, photo: Volker Beinhorn

A visitor stands in front of a model depicting a coral reef in the red sea.

A reef model shows the biodiversity in the Red Sea | CC BY-SA 4.0 Übersee-Museum Bremen, photo: Volker Beinhorn

View into the exhibition room, where showcases and pictures hang. Two visitors are looking at exhibits.

A look inside the Overseas Cabinet | CC BY-SA 4.0 Übersee-Museum Bremen, photo: Volker Beinhorn

A detailed view of a reef model. Various colorful fish can be seen.

Corals serve as food for many animals in the reef | CC BY-SA 4.0 Übersee-Museum Bremen, photo: Volker Beinhorn