Coral garden –
the upcycling reef to create together!

Coral reefs – the rainforests of the sea – are colorful, diverse and full of species. Unfortunately, many reefs are under severe threat – from the effects of climate change and pollution. The project ” Korallengarten – upcycle a reef together!” wants to draw attention to this fragile habitat and create an upcycled reef through collective handwork at the Übersee-Museum Bremen. So many different corals are created from already used materials or “not-in-use” objects. Whether crocheting, braiding, knitting, twisting or knotting – everyone can learn new things or develop them! Until October 16, 2021, corals can be brought to the Übersee-Museum Bremen during the opening hours. Of course you can send us corals by postal services – code word „Korallengarten“, Übersee-Museum Bremen, Bahnhofsplatz 13, 28195 Bremen. Jutta Schröder & the coral garden team of the Übersee-Museum wish you a lot of fun upcycling!

Please be sure to include a consent form with your submission, which you can download here:

Creative dive – instructions & suggestions

To get started on the project, whether as an individual or a group, we’ve compiled PDFs with the project details, ideas, and instructions here.

Upcycling coral reef workshops

Regularly scheduled coral workshops allow aspiring coral gardeners to come together and learn more about upcycling techniques for the “Korallengarten” in the museum or at home, but also about the diversity and importance of real coral reefs. For the moment, the events will take place in the form of online workshops.

To the workshop dates

Coral inspiration

Check out the Übersee Museum’s interactive reef. Here you can discover some coral species in the Red Sea

To the interactive coral reef