Venue Hires

At the Übersee-Museum, impressive architecture and exhibitions combine to create an ambience that offers diverse as well as unusual possibilities for events, presentations or festivities.

In addition to our event rooms DIORAMA – The 360° Location, Forum and CNC, you can also rent our exhibition areas as well as the foyer for your event. Whether a conference, birthday, company celebration, lecture or award ceremony – everything is possible here.

Different styles can create a special program, which adds a special touch to your event and completes the offer of the Übersee-Museum as an event location… We are happy to support you during the organization and scheduling. For our permanent exhibitions, all participants of an event (within the opening hours) receive free entrance.

We will be happy to advise and inform you about prices, catering, our variable room equipment and the use of conference technology. Get a first overview here:

Ein gedeckter Tisch mit acht Stühlen. Im Hintergrund ein Panorama des Regenwalds auf Bali.

Diorama Lounge Panorama Bali | CC BY-SA 4.0 Übersee-Museum Bremen, Foto: Matthias Haase

mehrere Stuhlreihen mit Stühlen vor einer Wand mit einer Fototapete isländischer Gletscher.

Diorama Lounge Panorama Island | CC BY-SA 4.0 Übersee-Museum Bremen, Foto: Matthias Haase

Mehrere Stuhlreihen mit Tischen mit Blick auf eine Leinwand. Im Hintergrund sieht man das Panorama eines Korallenriffs.

Diorama Lounge Panorama Korallenriff | CC BY-SA 4.0 Übersee-Museum Bremen, Volker Beinhorn

Mehrere Stuhlreihen mit Tischen mit Blick in den Raum. Im Hintergrund das Panorama eines Korallenriffs.

Diorama Lounge Panorama Korallenriff | CC BY-SA 4.0 Übersee-Museum Bremen, Foto: Volker Beinhorn

Mehrere rundeTische mit Stühlen. Die Wände zeigen ein Wüstenpanorama.

Diorama Lounge Panorama Namibia | CC BY-SA 4.0 Übersee-Museum Bremen, Foto: Volker Beinhorn

Außenansicht des beleuchteten Übersee-Museums bei Dunkelheit.

Das Übersee-Museum bei Nacht | ©: Henry Fried

Event rooms

DIORAMA – The 360° Location

In this unique 360° panorama, you and your event for up to 60 people dive into a spectacular sound experience overseas. Banquets, seminars, Conference, lectures or Christmas parties – everything is possible here. Modern conference technology incl. Internet access is available. We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of catering.

Oceania– first atrium of the museum

Oceania is suitable for up to 220 people with a theater seat, and up to 700 people without a seat. Especially large receptions, lectures, but also award ceremonies or concerts find their place here. Use of beamers and projectors is possible only at the onset of dusk. In consideration of the exhibits and exhibitions of the house, the neighboring foyer is available for catering.

The foyer

Anyone entering the foyer is directly confronted with one of the oldest exhibits in the house. The skeleton of a 17th century minke whale welcomes guests here. This room is suitable for up to 150 people with a seat, and up to 200 people without a seat. Banquets can be organized for up to 90 people. The foyer is particularly suitable for receptions, a get-together or private celebrations.


The forum is ideal for lectures and workshops. In addition to seats for up to 120 people, various areas can be arranged for group work. The cozy alcoves provide a nice setting to prepare for or follow up on your event. There is enough space in front of the event room for a stand reception or a small lunch buffet.

Supporting program at the Übersee-Museum

The Übersee-Museum is a special place for events: around 1.2 million exhibits, about 9,000 m² of exhibition space and Europe’s first “Schaumagazin” are waiting to be discovered here. Various formats such as guided tours, workshops and more allow a special supporting program. For participants or guests, an opportunity to take a look at the everyday life of foreign cultures or the nature of distant countries.