Digitize and share natural history collection information

As part of the INVEST Deutschland funding program, the Übersee-Museum Bremen has received funding to display its natural history collections online for researchers as well as for all interested parties. Planned are 3D digitization, high-resolution digitization in 2D processes and also the digitization of larger object collections, e.g. insect boxes.

The task of the project is to consider and implement requirements for a database-based inventory of all natural history collection items. In addition, the technology for imaging – the creation of digital images, even in 3D view – will be acquired and put into operation. Collection data will be shared with other biology researchers online in portals. An online presentation will also provide links to information from our other collections: ethnographic, trade collections, and historical photographic archive. Completion of the project is scheduled for the end of 2022.

The project is funded by the Freie Hansestadt Bremen (Free Hanseatic City of Bremen) and by the Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media).