Digital Rallies

Would you like to go on a digital rally through the entire museum?
Easily possible with the Actionbound app!

Trip through the Museum

First time at the Übersee-Museum?
Don’t know exactly what to look at? Try this Actionbound in English to see some of the museum’s highlights in every exhibition, as well as the open storage. Complete small tasks and answer questions to find out some fun facts and stories.

To the Actionbound (in English)

Digital Rally – Animal Children in the Permanent Exhibitions

This Actionbound takes you on a journey through the permanent exhibitions of the Übersee-Museum in search of animal children. On the way you will meet zebras, nandus and also crocodiles. Many exciting questions and facts are waiting for you! The Actionbound is specially designed for children aged 6-13 years. There is a separate Actionbound for children aged 14 and over as well as adults.

To the Actionbound (6-13 years in German)

To the Actionbound (for children aged 14 or over in German)

Digital Rally – Firebird and Comet Tail

This Bound takes you on a little journey of discovery through parts of the Übersee-Museum Bremen and highlights the different ways in which birds and bird images have been represented and understood by cultures around the world. The Actionbound is suitable for all interested people aged 12 and over and is recommended for those who particularly want to get to know many different facets of the museum.

To the Actionbound (in German)

You can find out how the rally works with the Actionbound app in these flyers: