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Faraway continents have always fascinated travelers and those who stayed at home. Already 100 years ago, the Übersee-Museum presented “Die Welt unter einem Dach” (the world under one roof) and still continues to establish standards with its modern forms of presentation.

The Übersee-Museum combines a collection of ethnology, trade and natural history that is unique in Europe into a unified experience. This is where you can dive into distant continents while discovering their fascinating cultural and natural environments with unique exhibits from around the world, masterful animal dioramas and real plants. Again and again, stations invite visitors to try things out – a museum experience for old and young, big and small and for all the senses! Large special exhibitions during the winter half-year deepen the themes of the house. Our large support program offers places to meet and in-depth information for the different interests of our visitors.

The Übersee-Museum has already been nominated several times for the European Museum Award and was honored as “Ausgewählter Ort im Land der Ideen 2010” (selected place in the land of ideas 2010). The permanent exhibition “Erleben, was die Welt bewegt” (experience what moves the world) was honored by the German UNESCO-Commission as a project of the UN-Decade of “Education for sustainable development”.

We are looking forward to see you!