Picnic at the museum

Places, where you can eat & drink in the museum in a pleasant atmosphere

At the Übersee-Museum Bremen you can satisfy not only your inquisitiveness, but also your hunger and thirst! The museum provides two places for you to bring your own food and drink: a small café in the Africa exhibit and a picnic area decorated with cherry blossom branches in the basement of the museum. Lunch, dinner or coffee & cake can also be enjoyed in the Übersee restaurant. With your ticket, which is valid for a whole day, you can interrupt your visit to the museum at any time for an extended break, for example at a restaurant in the city center, and return to the Übersee-Museum.

Picnic area

In the basement, located opposite the dressing rooms, you will find a small picnic corner. Here you can eat food brought to your liking under cherry blossom branches.

A family enjoys itself in the picnic corner | CC BY-SA 4.0 Übersee-Museum Bremen, photo: Volker Beinhorn

Café at the Africa exhibition

For those who would like to have a coffee or cocoa during their visit to the museum, the small self-service café on the 1st floor, in the Africa permanent exhibition, is highly recommended. Here you can pull a hot beverage of your choice from a fully automatic machine.

Coffee break in the self-service café in the Africa exhibition | CC BY-SA 4.0 Übersee-Museum Bremen, photo: Matthias Haase