Our Mission Statement

“We love the diversity of nature, cultures, themes, objects and the stories they tell. This diversity enriches and broadens our horizons. We want visitors to share in this.”

“We want to inspire, beyond the museum visit.”

Diversity is THE theme of the Übersee-Museum: the diversity of life, of living together and of perspectives on our world. To do our part in preserving this diversity, we collect and preserve the natural and cultural heritage for the future. The basis of our work in research, exhibition and outreach are our collections. For this reason, we focus on topics relevant to the present concerning non-European natural areas and cultures as well as Bremen’s economic connections and trade relations. This also includes fundamental natural history phenomena.

We look to the future without losing sight of our past. Therefore, we critically examine the history and origin of our collections. Cooperation and exchange with people from the societies and countries from which our collections originate is particularly important to us. Our work is characterized by interdisciplinarity, collaboration and curiosity about the world. We find this enriching and would like to infect others with our curiosity and enthusiasm for the diversity of the world. We want to make the Übersee-Museum Bremen a fascinating and inspiring place of encounter and dialogue as well as an integral part of Bremen’s educational landscape. To this end, we tread analog and digital paths.

The world is our guest and we are allowed to be the hosts.