Oceania Digital

A multiplatform project connecting different disciplines and global communities to create a museum concept for the future

Oceania Digital accompanies the redevelopment of the permanent exhibition at the Übersee Museum. Rooted in the principles of co-production, this project will showcase outputs of the following four lines of enquiry:

  1. How can we engage global communities to share stories for objects in a non-traditional museum setting such as social networks and specialist discussion forums?
  1. How can we combine natural and cultural histories and what impact does this have on digitisation standards and methodologies?
  2. What formats of online and offline exchange are conducive to collaboration across institutions from different sectors? 
  3. How can we connect the museum collections to sustainable development goals? These are UN (United Nations) SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) SDG 15 (Life on Land) and SDG 13 (Climate Action). 

Our partners include National University of Samoa. 

National University of Samoa (website)

You can engage with this project through our Facebook group – Oceania Digital Voyages and digital prototypes (coming soon). We are also in the process of developing the museum blackbox, which is a museum concept for the future. In the coming months we will be publishing the information architecture of this project. 

Oceania Collection Voyages (Facebook)
Objects being held in the camera in an online meeting
Mat unfolded by conservator
Zwei Personen halten eine hölzerne Kawa-Schale in die Kamera, im Hintergrund Vitrine

Weaving A Narrative

We are coproducing a workshop with the Pacific Virtual Museum Project using digital tools and processes to increase the visibility of Pacific cultural heritage.

Learn more about the workshop