Oceania digital

An online project to build connections around collections and global audiences

The new permanent exhibition on Oceania, to be opened in 2024, will be accompanied by an online project. This project is planned to take place on different platforms, it tells the story of our cooperation processes and it is linked to the topics of the Oceania exhibition as well as to the collection holdings of the Übersee-Museum Bremen.

We plan this project as a collaborative process to make our collections accessible – especially our collection from Samoa due to our collaboration with the National University of Samoa. We plan to start a dialogue about projects, collections and questions.

National University of Samoa (website)

Oceania Collection Voyages

In April 2022 we started a facebook channel to share measina (treasures) related to Samoa with people and networks in Samoa to learn about it.

Oceania Collection Voyages (Facebook)