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The museum is currently closed to support Corona virus containment efforts. But: You do not have to do without us We have compiled a number of offers for you online, which we are constantly updating!

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The museum is closed

Since the beginning of November, the museum is no longer open to visitors until further notice! Take a look around our online offers for so long.

We have redesigned our website for you to make it more accessible and flexible. We have decided to release a so-called “beta version”, which we continuously improve for you. So don’t hesitate to point out bugs to us!

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Historische Hausansicht aus 1896

125 years of Übersee-Museum

On January 15, 2021, the Übersee Museum celebrated its 125th anniversary. Birthday. See here what program the museum offers on the occasion of the anniversary year.

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streng schauender Kopf einer steinernen Statue

Take a stand

Museums are not neutral. What values does the institution stand for? What position does it take in regards to the major socio-political debates?

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Unterwasserfoto von Korallenriff

Interactive reef

Dive into the colourful underwater world of the Red Sea. Go on an interactive tour to discover and learn more about the threatened habitat coral reef.

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The exhibition “Coral reefs – Diverse. Vulnerable. lost?” (Korallenriffe – vielfältig.verletzlich.verloren?) expected to begin May 7, 2021, illustrates the huge importance of coral reefs to the oceans and humans, but also addresses global and local threats facing these fragile ecosystems.

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Geschnitztes Holzelement in kreisform aus einer Blüte und Blättern.

Friends of the Übersee-Museum

Friends of the Übersee-Museum helps with the realization of individual projects. New members are always welcome!

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