The 2G rule applies to visits to the museum and to all events. In the permanent exhibitions of the museum there is no obligation to wear a mask. In the special exhibition, in the store and during guided tours there is an obligation to wear a mask.

Admission and opening

Kopf eines präparierten Schimpansen vor blauem Hintergrund

Young and Wild (Junge Wilde)

Eye to eye with tiger, dwarf crocodile or giant toucan? This exhibition focuses on animals from all over the world! On their tour, visitors can discover how insects, reptiles, birds and mammals give birth to their offspring.

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streng schauender Kopf einer steinernen Statue

Take a stand

Museums are not neutral. What values does the institution stand for? What position does it take in regards to the major socio-political debates?

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Coral Reefs

The exhibition “Coral Reefs – Diverse. Vulnerable. Lost?” addresses the enormous importance of coral reefs for oceans and people, is dedicated to the global and local threats to which the reefs are exposed, and shows how these sensitive ecosystems can be protected.

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The digital availability of our collection is an important concern to us. We are working on showing our collection information online. On this page we report about our next steps.

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Besucherin mit Mediaguide im Schaumagazin vor Vitrine mit Vögeln

The NEO Collections project

The collaborative project NEOCollections is looking for new ways to work with museum collections – online and on site.

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Favorite place contest

Kids watch out! In the following months, we have a lot planned at the Übersee-Museum. We want to change the museum – and you can help us. Take part in our ideas challenge and let us know about your wishes for the museum. Your submissions will be presented at the museum and a children’s jury will award prizes to the most beautiful ideas.

About the challenge

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