Friends of the Übersee-Museum

About friendship

It is the origin of the Übersee-Museum: the commitment of citizens Just as in the 19th century Bremen citizens and merchants laid the foundation for the collections of today’s Übersee-Museum, today the Friends of the Übersee-Museum e.V. offers interested people opportunities to get involved with the museum and its projects.

Since 1985, the Friends of the Übersee-Museum have supported the Übersee-Museum with the aim of contributing to the museum’s development, as well as promoting its attractiveness. The association helps, including through membership fees, in the implementation of individual projects, exhibitions or the restoration of objects. New members – individuals, families, companies or institutions – are always welcome.

Membership of the Friends of the Übersee-Museum

Members of the Friends of the Übersee-Museum have free entrance to the exhibitions and events of the museum and receive personal invitations to exhibition openings. A newsletter provides members with background information about the museum twice a year. Current information on exhibitions as well as the museum program also come free of charge. Overview of annual fees:

  • Single person 45,- €
  • Pupils, students 25,- € (with ID)
  • Families 60,- €
  • Company 100,- € (max. 2 person)

Sponsors of the friends of the Übersee-Museum

If you would like to support the Übersee-Museum beyond your membership of the Friends of the Übersee-Museum, you can also become a sponsor of the Übersee-Museum. You will also have the opportunity to take part in free guided tours of the museum’s special exhibitions, or to get to know the museum even better through exclusive “behind-the-scenes looks”. Those who book a private tour will receive a 20 percent discount as a sponsor.

  • Single person 100,- €
  • Families 140,- €
  • Company 500,- € (max. 2 person)

Donors of the friends of the Übersee-Museum

An invitation for two person enables donors of the friends of the Übersee-Museum to get into conversation with the museum management and other special guests in a small circle once a year. Beyond this personal exchange, donors can request to be named in the entrance area of the house as well as on this website – and receive a 30 percent discount on bookings for private tours.

  • Single person 500,- € (including family)
  • Company 2000,- € (with company)