Special exhibition “100% Cotton”

October 1, 2022 – April 11, 2023

It is a true multi-talent: from jeans to banknotes, it is almost unthinkable to imagine our everyday life without cotton. The fluffy fiber is found in different products such as clothing, food and cosmetics. Cotton was as much a driver of industrialization as it was of slavery on the plantations – with consequences that continue to this day. “100% cotton” takes a look at the cultural stories that this plant has been writing for 5,000 years and also ventures a glimpse into the future.

In “100 % Cotton” visitors can:

Learn Cultural history and iconic stories …

… about the soft fiber – from the development of pioneering cultural techniques on three continents to the invention of toilet paper and the recycling of denim pants in vehicle construction.

Try out …

… and slip into the role of cotton testers and determine color, length and price.

Search …

… for traces of Bremen’s port history and the cotton exchange.

With the whole family …

… and discover the stories about cotton with the children’s guide Alice.

Feel …

… how different cotton fabrics can be.

Photo: Übersee-Museum, Volker Beinhorn

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