Craft instructions from recycled materials

Maki club at home

Take a piece of the Übersee-Museum home with you! The Maki Club shows you how to get creative with recycled materials. A buzzing sling bee that sounds like a whole swarm of bees, a colorful guitar made from a milk carton, or a rainmaker made from a kitchen towel roll and rice. Here you can download the craft instructions.

A boy is holding a hand-made marionette in his right hand. The marionette is a frog.
CC BY-SA 4.0 Übersee-Museum Bremen, photo: Volker Beinhorn

Find out how to bring home a whole swarm of bees:

How can you make a rattle with two spoons, a surprise egg and rice? Click here for the instructions:

You can bring the cozy pattering of the rain directly into your living room. Click here for the instructions:

You don’t always have to throw away an empty milk carton. In this tutorial, the Maki Club shows how to make a guitar from it:

Every year on June 11, Kamehameha Day is celebrated in a big way in Hawai’i with island-style food, horse races, a Hula dance competition and a flower parade through Honolulu. Of course, the traditional Hawaiian flower chains, the “Leis”, should not be missing. In this tutorial shows the Maki Club how to make the flower necklaces yourself very easily:

On hot summer days, a fan should not be missing. If you don’t have one yet, you can easily make one by yourself out of paper and popsicle sticks. Click here for instructions on how to make the colorful fans:

Quak! Have you met the poison dart frog that sits in the America permanent exhibit? With our latest craft tutorial, you can make your own frog marionette: