Events for kindergarten

A trip to India

This guided tour of the Übersee-Museum’s exhibition “Asia – Continent of contrasts” takes children on an exciting excursion into the culture and nature of this distant continent. The little “explorers” have to discover exotic smells, unknown musical instruments or styles, the animals and plants of Asia as well as the colorful film world of Bollywood.

Musical world tour

Where does music actually come from? When and why do people make music? What do children sing and play in other countries? In this musical journey around the world, the focus is on sounds and rhythms from Asia (tanpura and gamelan) and Africa (djembe, bass drums, kalimba). Songs, instruments and rhythm games convey impressions of distant countries to young children.

A safari through African savannahs and deserts

The focus is on the large and small animals of the African savannah such as rhinoceros, lion and giraffe, but also the elephant shrew. When it comes to deserts, the question is: how do humans and animals manage to survive in this apparently hostile landscape?

Expedition to the animal kingdom

During an expedition through the Übersee-Museum, children can discover special animals and their habitats. Many exciting questions will be answered during this guided tour: what makes corals to special creatures? Are all fish mute? Are there mammals from the egg? In the rainforest, the group searches for special features and listens to animal sounds together! (60 minutes)

With action: as a souvenir will be made an amulet (90 minutes)