Children’s birthday

If you want adventures in distant lands for your birthday, the Übersee-Museum is the place to go. Here, children of all ages can go on a journey of discovery in the exhibitions of the museum. Later, small objects will be designed, puzzles will be solved, pictures will be painted, fairy tales will be told or games will be played.

Young and Wilds (only until 10 April 2022!)

Celebrate your birthday with the “Young and Wilds” in the special exhibition. Here you can see young animals from all over the world and discover what the little ones have to master until they grow up. Learn how a herd of elephants protects its youngest and hold the world’s largest bird egg in your hands. What does a baby polar bear look like shortly after birth and which animal celebrates the most birthdays? After exploring many exciting questions, you will create a “Young and Wild” out of clay to take home.

Expedition to the animal kingdom

Which animals live in the Asian rainforest? What did the first animal researchers discover in Australia? What glows in the deep sea and who is the fastest on the savannah? We will find answers to these questions on an exciting museum tour. We dive into the underwater worlds of Oceania, explore the rainforest at night and stalk our way through the savannah of Africa. We discover animals in their different habitats and explore their special features and abilities. At the end we make a souvenir of our expedition to take home.

Karibu! Welcome to Africa!

During a “journey” through the Africa exhibition, the children learn not only about the everyday life of people in the capital of Kenya and in the countryside, but also about the large and small animals and plants of this huge continent. Inspired by the many exciting objects, designs are then made with recycled materials.

A trip to India

Exotic colors, smells, music and art are discovered by children who start a “Journey to India” in the exhibition “Asia – Continent of contrasts”, not forgetting, of course, foreign religions and – Bollywood! The young explorers can then design their impressions with spices or print them with stamps and keep a visual record of them.

From far and near – favourite and disgusting animals

The cute and cuddly next to the scary and dangerous – on the journey through the Übersee-Museum, young explorers encounter favorite and disgusting animals: whether orang utan or kangaroo, rattlesnakes or tarantulas – all species have their fascinating sides. The children watch, touch and listen to what animals reveal out of their secrets as they travel around the globe. A tarantula or insect is built from chenille wire during the event.

Adventure trip around the world

Like real explorers, little participants travel to the most exciting places in the museum. It goes once around the world: diving with colorful South Sea fish in the coral reef, on safari with wild animals in Africa and much more! The incredible diversity of the Übersee-Museum is examined interactively and with all senses on this tour. And how does your own world actually look like? Afterwards, in our museum workshop, each child will creatively design their own museum.